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At ELITE we believe in investing in the best equitment to EFFECTIVELY and SAFELY develop our athletes. We are excited to partner with TUFF TREAD to systematically provide a second to none approach to speed development. The most exciting part to our program is not only speed development but a multi facet training program that athletes will see a transformation of speed, strength, power, agility and so much more. Listed below are the areas our systematic approach strategically aims to enhance in our athletes. 


- Increased Acceleration

- Faster Sprint Speed

- Improved Anaerobic Tolerance

- Enhanced Running Mechanics

- Increased Functional Mobility and Flexibility

- Increased Strength (Upper and Lower Body)

- Improved Lateral and Diagonal Movement

- Improved Balance and Coordination

- Core Development

- Personal Confidence

- Improved Neuromuscular Coordination

- Increased Exit Velocity and Throwing Velocity (Baseball and Softball)

Our program is a proven approach to develop athletes ability and provide game changing results. Our equipment and protocols are used by high level trainers across the world. We know you will love the results but it will require some of the hardest work your athlete has ever put forth. Give us a call today to schedule your athlete!

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