Dayna Huckabee

Dayna played Softball at the University of Arkansas from 2004 to 2008. She was Graduate Assistant Coach at the University of Arkansas from 2008 to 2010. She was a Strength and Conditioning All American in 2008 and is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She graduated from Texarkana, Arkansas High School in 2004, before going on to the University of Arkansas and receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. Dayna then went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, from the University of Arkansas. 

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Randi Wilson

Randi played Softball at Ouachita Baptist University from 2005 to 2009. She served as Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator at Murray State University, Head Coach at Batesville High School, and Assistant Coach for catching and hitting at the University of Arkansas. Randi graduated from Batesville High School in 2005, before going on to Ouachita Baptist and receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education, Art, and Kinesiology. Randi then went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Human Development/Leadership.

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Calli Lankford​ - Pitching and Hitting Instructor


Cali graduated from Perryville high school in 2015 where she played softball and was a 4 time all-conference and all-state selection before going on to CBC where she played softball and was part of the 2018 national championship team, She will be graduating in 2019 with a bachelors in middle-level education English/history and plans to get her masters in special education.


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Speed, Agility, Power, Lateral Movement, and Quickness Performance Training


  • Private 1-hour and 30-minute sessions/group and team sessions available as well (Price Varies)

  • We will help create a physical program to accomplish your goals or simply get you in shape or keep you in shape.

Sports Vision Training


Vision is an essential skill necessary for athletes to compete at the highest level. Many individuals see the "vision" of an athlete as just visual acuity (ie: how small letters you read on the "E" chart). The vision and skills of the visual system encompass much more than just visual acuity. We use state of the art equipment, technology, applied science, and knowledge of the visual system to help develop an athlete's skills of the visual system. Vision and skills involving the visual system can be altered and enhanced through the proper methods of training and oversight. Our program focuses on the following areas of skill training:


  • Eye-Hand Coordination

  • Depth Perception

  • Eye Tracking ability

  • Multiple Objective Tracking

  • Perceptual-Cognitive abilities

  • Contrast Sensitivity

  • Field Awareness

  • Reaction Time

  • Near Far Quickness

  • Perception Span

  • Peripheral Awareness

  • Balance


  Sports Vision Training Prices:


  • Private 2 on 1 1-hour session $50 each

  • Private 2 on 1 1-hour training session discount for 12 or more sessions prepaid $40 each


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