Field, Tunnel, and Cage Rentals (Hourly Rates) 

*See map of facility layout below*


  • Full Cage Rental (2 available) $30  (Cage 1A and 1B are reserved for ELITE staff, if not in use it will be rented)   

  • Cage Rental WITH Iron Mike Pitching Machine (baseball or softball) $40   

  • 105' X 70' - Turf Field Rental $60

  • 80' X 60' - Turf Field Rental $40

  • Pitching Tunnel w/ Mound (2 available) $30 

  • Baseball or Softball - Cage 1 and 85'x75' turfed field or Cage 1 and 2 and 65'x75' turfed field for Team Practice and Training. 

  • Week day Rental (Monday-Friday) one team $60 / shared with another team (1 cage and half of the field) $40    

  • Weekend rate (Saturday and Sunday) one team $45 / shared with another team (1 cage and half of the field) $35                                                                                            

  • (Soccer) 105' X 70' Turf Field with goals for $65 


If you have a travel team or rec league team and would like to set up a consistent practice every week, we would love to accommodate your needs for a facility to practice and train at seasonally or yearly! Long term commitment of weekly use will receive a discounted rate from what is posted above.

Rental Availability  


Monday - Friday     5pm - 10pm

Saturday               8am - 10pm

Sunday                 2pm - 10pm 


*Facility Rental Times may be available earlier during the day then posted above, if you need an earlier time please contact us so we can try to accommodate your needs. 

                Contact Ryan for availability and scheduling 501-615-7800 or

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