Quarterback Training

Here at ELITE Sports, we believe in developing the complete quarterback from head to toe. Our four core beliefs of developing a successful Quarterback are KNOWLEDGE, FEET, EYES, and THROWING MECHANICS. We aim to develop consistent quarterbacks that can perform at the highest level possible. ALL AGES WELCOMED!




Sessions Led By A Current D1 QB

  • Throwing Mechanics/Footwork

  • All levels of knowledge of the game 

  • Access to Film Review

  • "Chalk Talks" 



Skill Position Training

  • Route Running

  • Footwork

  • Quickness/Speed Training

  • Release Techniques

  • Knowledge of Game

Lineman Training

We are excited to now be offering training for Offensive and Defensive lineman. Sessions will focus on footwork, mechanics, technique, and involve film study in our film room. Sessions will be led by current D1 starters at the respective positions! Give us a call or submit a request below to get signed up! 





Looking for a competitive advantage and a unique way to train? Check out our sports vision training program.


Sports Vision Training


Vision is an essential skill necessary for athletes to compete at the highest level. Many individuals see the "vision" of an athlete as just visual acuity (ie: how small letters you read on the "E" chart). The vision and skills of the visual system encompass much more than just visual acuity. We use state of the art equipment, technology, applied science, and knowledge of the visual system to help develop an athlete's skills of the visual system. Vision and skills involving the visual system can be altered and enhanced through the proper methods of training and oversight. Our program focuses on the following areas of skill training:


  • Eye-Hand Coordination

  • Depth Perception

  • Eye Tracking ability

  • Multiple Objective Tracking

  • Perceptual-Cognitive abilities

  • Contrast Sensitivity

  • Field Awareness

  • Reaction Time

  • Near Far Quickness

  • Perception Span

  • Peripheral Awareness

  • Balance

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